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Our investment philosophy is simple. No effort is made to forecast the stock market. Businesses in which we invest must have favorable economic characteristics, a business franchise, generally including rising sales and earnings, a strong competitive position, strong management and balance sheet. Our goal is to focus on business fundamentals, as opposed to stock market dynamics and purchase shares at a fair price while holding until the fundamentals of a company change.

We promise to invest your capital as carefully as we do our own, because we know that your hopes for your family's future are every bit as sacred to you as ours are to us.


We also believe that tax-free municipal bonds may suit the needs of many of our clients. Tax-free municipal bonds are debt obligations issued by states, cities, counties, and other government entities to raise money to build schools, highways, hospitals, and sewer systems, as well as many other projects for the public good. When you purchase a municipal bond, you are lending money to an issuer who promises to pay you a specified amount of interest (usually semi-annually) and return the principal to you on a specified date. Highly-rated municipal debt can offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Attractive current income free from federal and state taxes.
  • Relatively high degree of safety with regard to payment of interest and repayment of principal.
  • Dependable income.
  • Marketability

Naturally, your individual circumstances will direct any general or specific recommendations we may make with regard to your financial well-being. Any recommendations would need to be suitable in light of a variety of factors that would need to be discussed in detail with each individual client.

*The return and principal value of bonds fluctuate with changes in market conditions. If bonds are not held to maturity, they may be worth more or less than their original value

*Income may be subject to local, state and /or the alternative minimum tax.

Securities are offered through Cetera Advisors LLC (Cetera Advisors LLC), member FINRA and SIPC. Certain associates of McCabe Investment Advisory are registered representatives of Cetera Advisors LLC, which is otherwise unaffiliated with McCabe Investment Advisory.